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Hi, thank you for scanning my QR Code and coming here.

If you don’t find the information you’re looking for on this very page, it will probably be on another page of this same website.

Failing that, feel free to contact me directly anytime:

- by email (enestoslugares "at"
- by direct message on FB, Whatsapp, Twitter or whatever
- or even by cell-phone (+34-687-050-010); but bear in mind that I live in Europe – so if you call me, please try not to wake me up in the middle of the night! 

My wines do not contain any additives whatsoever:

·  No clarifying or fining agents, such as egg-whites, isinglass, bentonite, etc
·  No added sulphites
·  No industrial or cultured yeasts

·  No industrial bacteria
·  No industrial enzymes
·  No colorants (like Mega Purple,
Tartrazine E102, Sunset Yellow E110, etc)
·  No preservatives
·  No flavour enhancers
·  No mouthfeel improvers

·  No added acids
·  No added sugar, no added fruit juice, no added fruit extract
·  No added water
·  No wood chips
·  No artificial tannins

I didn’t subject my wines to any heavy processing, I didn't:

· Heat the wine up or cool the wine down
· Filter, clarify or fine it
· Use reverse osmosis
· Use spinning cones
· Use cryo-extraction
· Use sterile filtration
· Use any other unnecessary terroir-masking intervention
· Use any substance to modify the taste, texture, colour or aroma of the wine
· Nor did I spray pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc onto the grapes or use any other substance or product whatsoever

Basically, my wines were made as follows:

· I crushed the grapes
· I pressed the grapes
· I racked the wine from one tank to another
· and the wine clarified itself using gravity, time and the cold of winter


  1. Lovely wine. Thank you for not messing with it. I never use QR codes but I made an exception because I loved the ethos on the label :-)

  2. Thank you for this excellent wine experience

  3. Hey, thanks for the comments. I just saw them now!!!

  4. Thanks for making delicious healthy wine!
    We bought it at Streetcar Wines in Jamaica Plain Boston

  5. Thanks for making delicious unadulterated wine!
    We bought it at Streetcar Wines in Jamaica Plain Boston..
    I think Campus Wines in Providence RI would be a good place to sell your wine too...


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