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Thursday 9 July 2009

Crianza 2007 (II)

On Tuesday 7 July 2009 we shipped our Crianza 2007 (100% Tempranillo, 10 months in oak cask). For the first time in the 5 years that we've been making wine, we put labels on the bottles! On the Sunday we spent all day in the bodega (winery) sticking on the labels and preparing the orders. As can be seen from the photos, it was pretty hot in there!

Even though it was quite an effort (in terms of time, money and brain cells), and despite the fact that labels don't really add anything to the quality of the wine itself, and despite the fact that all our consumers have been perfectly happy to receive their wine without labels all these years, and despite everything, we decided to do it anyway; beacause we just wanted to do it! perhaps in order to see some visible, tangible result! Anyway, I hope you like the label, and feel free to comment on it.

The creative design work was done by Ana and Vicius at Hola Por Qué, with input from ourselves the producers (Juan and Fabio) and also from some consumers who have commented on the preliminary designs and sketches over the last few months.

We stuck on some of the labels using a home-made 'glue' consisting of flour and water, with so far unknown results. Other labels we used a glue stick, that my daughter was using for arts and crafts at nursery school!!! We'd really appreciate any comments and/or glue recipies. Either contact us directly or leave a comment by clicking on the link below these lines ("0 comments")
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