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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

International Organic Wine Trade Fair (FIVE)

Last Wednesday 28th May, I went to a wine tasting/presentation in Madrid, that was held in the basement of an organic product shop, called Abonavida.

I only took one photo (and not a very good one!):

But, you can see a good video of the presentations and tasting here: In fact, in the photo above you can see fellow blogger, Igancio Segovia, actually taking the video!

The occasion was for a presentation of the first ever trade fair in Spain, EXCLUSIVELY for organic wines.

It’s called FIVE (Feria Internacional de Vino Ecológico) and will be held in the town of Pamplona, the capital city of Navarre (Spain) next 11th and 12th of May.

It’s organized by the Asociación de Empresas de Agricultura Ecológica de Navarra (Organic Agriculture Association of Navarre).

52 organic wineries from Spain, Portugal and France will be there.

After listening to the short presentations from Edorta Lezaun (Bodegas Lezaun), Ignacio Bidegain (general co-ordinator general of the FIVE) and Salvador Estebanes Eraso (Spokesman of the Regional Government of Navarre), we got to the good part of the event, ie tasting some excellent organic wines from Navarre.

And for more info on the FIVE Trade Fair:

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