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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Stuck Graciano Has Started Fermenting

Yes! yes! yes! Our two barrels of Graciano which had been stuck for about 6 days finally started fermenting today! Look, you can even see some CO2 bubbles (I think!):

Graciano skins (1)

Apart from the tender loving care, what we did was:

1. Put the casks out in the sun during the day, and back in the bodega at night.

2. Mix in about 1 liter of our Airén which was in fermentation and so full of active natural yeasts

Graciano skins (2)

Graciano skins and our "punching down tool"

I can't believe there no word in English for a "punching down tool"!!! I've looked (rather hurriedly) but couldn't find anything better!

More Graciano skins with PDT
Yet more Graciano skins
And that's about it. I'm so pleased :)


  1. Re: "Put them out in the sun during the day" ...

    ... reminds me of that Simpsons episode where that spotty teenage guy with the breaking voice directs some underling to make the fast food joint's "Special Sauce" by leaving a tub of mayonnaise in the sun for an hour! ;)

    Congrats on getting the stuck ferment going! I wonder what impact that Airen will have on the finished wine - very little?

  2. Interesting post, learned something new today. Is always good~;-)

  3. Thanks, Paul and Mariëlla for commenting. It's good to know that you read and enjoy my posts.

    I don't think the Airén will have any noticable impact. It was 1 liter in about 200 liters of Graciano (ie about 0.5%) and the Graciano itself has a very intense colour and an intense aroma.


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