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Monday, 21 February 2011

Troop of Boys Scouts Visit Bodega

Actually it was 11 Girl scouts + 3 Boy Scouts + 2 Pack Leaders!

The idea was that on Saturday (19th Feb) the troop would come to visit our vineyard. We would teach them about organic viticulture (in theory) and how to prune vines (in theory and in practice). At first, a few weeks ago, it seemed like a great idea, but as the day drew nearer and nearer, we began to get more and more worried - about letting a troop of 14 Boy and Girl Scouts loose in our vineyard with a pair of pruning shears in hand! There would only have been 2 of us to try and control them!!! But luckily, we were saved by the weather, as it rained heavily all Friday night and continued to do so all day Saturday.

So they came to visit the bodega instead!

Juan explains it all

We spent about 4 hours in there explaining EVERYTHING about winemaking and answering their endless questions. The questions were really good questions actually (ie, difficult to answer!) and I suspected that they’d been primed beforehand by their Leader. But no, they hadn’t been primed (I asked the Leader!) So it must be true, kids these days (they were 13-17 years old) are much more clever and intelligent than I was at that age!!! (mind you, that's not saying much!)

'Bocadillo' (sandwich) time

They all said they would come back for the harvest and crushing in September.

For those of you who are about to post a comment - please, no jokes about exploitation of child labour. I'm all upset and frustrated, as I wasn't able to exploit them at all! Nada! Not a single stroke of productive work was I able to get out of them!

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