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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Another Tasting for Bloggers, in Aranda de Duero (Spain)

This time I ‘only’ drove 140 km for a glass of wine. This time to Aranda de Duero, the main town in the DO Ribera de Duero wine region.

This was the second stop on the On Tour series of tastings planned for all over Spain. It was held in a nice place called Arte & Vino in collaboration with Cristina Prat from Ruta del Vino de Ribera del Duero.

The ceiling decor at Arte y Vino

Again, I let my arm be twisted by blogger Ignacio Segovia who again kindly offered to pick me up, drive there and back and then drop me off at home. This time we were joined by TV producer, specialized in wine, Eduardo Benitez

Just like in Utiel, 2 weeks ago, there was an impressive array of bodegas offering us their wares, including some that I suspect I could never afford to actually buy! See the links below for a comprehensive list of wineries and wines and tasting notes.

The tasting table

Just like in Utiel, and still not being an experienced taster, what can I say? I liked all of them! They were all based on Tempranillo, so I suppose that makes me a little biased as that’s what I work with and am used to drinking! I’ll leave the detailed tasting notes and opinions to the experts, which you can read if you follow the links below.
After the tasting went for some tapas and more wine to a few places along the main pedestrian street in the centre of Aranda. Under the bar-restaurant "Lagar de isilla" is the most absolutely incredible underground bodega-cavern-tunnel complex I’ve ever seen. It was like being in Moria in the Lord of the Rings!!

There were only four of us, guided by the owner's daughter beatriz: Juan manuale, Eduardo, Ignacio and myself. In such company I didn’t bother taking many photos of the actual caverns themselves, just of the bloggers themselves in action. I figured they'd be able to take much better photos and videos than me, so I just relaxed and enjoyed (and took photos of them taking photos!)

Juan Manuel Gozalbes (Catavino) taking a photo

Ignacio Segovia ( taking a photo

Beatriz, the owner’s daughter, who led us through the caverns, told us that some of the passageways date back to the 12th century!!! Ansolutely incredible!

The links:

1. Catavino: (list of and links to all 13 of the bodegas present) (in Spanish)

2. WineBookClub (in English)

3. (video of underground caverns)

4. (in Spanish)

5. Ruta del Vino de Ribera del Duero

Other links mentioning this tasting (mostly in Spanish):




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