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Dear Trade,

And by 'trade' I include importers, distributors, restaurants, winestores, chefs, waiters, writers, bloggers, and last but by no means least, winelovers who enjoy drinking my wines.

Here are my terms and conditions that are applicable as of today, 8th June 2015:

Rule 1:

I will ship most commercial samples free of charge for the wine itself, but I will ask you to pay the cost of shipment.
This is because I recently just added up the cost of shipping all the samples that I sent in 2014 and during the first few months of 2015, and I was absolutely shocked and horrified at the expense!

Rule 2: I would appreciate some feedback on the wines I send you. Even if you don't like them for whatever reason. There's nothing worse (for me, as a winemaker) than to send wines out into the world and then not hear anything back. What am I supposed to think? Was the wine so good that the importer (or whoever) just kept it for themsleves and their friends and refused to make it available to the natural wine-loving public? Or was it so awful that they didn't want to embarass me by telling me the awful truth?

Rule 3: The commercial samples that are covered by these rules are the generally available ones for exporting, ie the recently released ones of which there are a lot of bottles left; it excludes the rarer bottles of which there are not so any left.

Rule 4: I'm quite serious about sending wine to winelovers, even if you're not actually technically part of the 'trade'. As far as I'm concerned, the final wineloving consumer is the most interesting and important part of the "supply chain".


I try to keep my 'page' My Wines and Where to Buy Them regularly updated. But it would be best for you to email me directly, especially if you are interested in the rarer wines of which there are not many bottles left.


The basic price for all my wines is, in general, around €8-€9/bottle Ex Cellar. I can send a full list with updated quantities and prices, on request.

As you can see (on My Wines and Where to Buy Them page) when the quantity of a given wine left drops below a certain number of bottles, the price goes up!  This is because they have become rare.


Seriously, the amount of money I spent on postage was really shocking, so I' afraid this issue of paying for the transport is non-negotiatable.

My Email:

My Mobile: (+34) 687-050-010

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