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Monday, 23 November 2009

Recycling Wine Bottles; Responsible Consumption and Responsible production

Yesterday, Sunday 22 November 2009, we bottled the Crianza 2008. We'd like to thank all our consumers who have been keeping, washing and returning wine bottles to us, and also to those who came out to the winery last week to remove labels and wash 300 bottles, in preparation for yesterday.

We would also like to thank Salmantina de Corchos for saving the day and delivering a sack of corks at almost no notice (we forgot to call them!). The corks we use are 100% natural corks and contain no added chemical substances or ingredients.

In the end we got 293 from the cask, but one bottle broke and another one (the last one) contained so many lees that I took it home, and I will try to decant it or filter it.

Clean recycled wine bottles


This device (excuse the use of such technical language!) allows the bottle to be filled up to the correct level! When that level is reached, the flow stops, you take the device out of the bottle, stick it into an empty one, press a button, and the flow starts again,...

1. Manual corking machine (centre).
2. Sack of natural corks (izquierda).
3. Crate of 24 bottles fullof crianza 2008 (right).

291 Bottles


  1. Hi Fabio,

    good stuff with the recycling but hard work though, you lucky you have people helping you. All the best for the 2008 vintage crianza would love to try it. You gonna be at ProWein next year?

    Good luck and best regards from Montau de Sadurni(Pendes)


  2. Hi Barbara,
    You're right! It's hard work washing bottles and really boring, but it's OK if there are people to help.
    If you come to Madrid, we can go out to the bodega for some tasting; let me know before you arrive though!
    We haven't been to any trade fairs so far, but we'd like to start in 2010.


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