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Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Recycling wine bottles, and Green Sunday

Yellow Alert in the Tajuña Valley (Madrid Region, Spain) declared on Sunday 15th November due to high levels of good vibes, especially in the villages of Perales and Ambite, where many people were affected by happiness.

In Perales, people were engaged in a highly contagious activity known as Domingo Verde, where many people (in this case about 30-40) get together and coordinate in order to carry out various agro-ecoógical activities, which are perfectly legal in this country but which are generally frowned upon. Activities included taking up the potatoes, planting onions/shallots, and weeding:

Another significant factor which contributed to the high levels of good vibes, symptoms of which persited all day, was the communal lunch (paella follwed by a selection of fresh salads), which was deemed to be excessively tasty and healthy:

Meanwhile, over in Ambite, another group (less numerous but just as happy) was engaged in another agro-ecological activity. These people were recycling and washing used wine bottles so they could be filled, next week, with Crianza 2008 organic wine from Vinos Ambiz. This activity would not have been possible without the help of many other anonymous people (also with serious agro-ecological tendencies) who in the weeks and moths before today collected, washed and finally returned their wine bottles.

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