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Friday, 12 March 2010

Who says social media doesn’t move cases?

I can’t remember where I read it, but some sceptic on a blog was basically saying, “Yeah, yeah, social media is all very interesting and the latest thing, but it doesn’t translate into increased sales”.

Well, listen to this:

The other day I get a call on my mobile (cell-phone) from a total stranger. He says he’s a wine importer from California and that he’s seen my blog, and can he come to meet me, see the vineyard and the winery. So we meet in Madrid, drive out to the vineyard (he takes photos, asks me loads of questions) then on to the winery, which still looks like a disaster area btw (roof leaking, rubble lying around, presses and casks mouldy, etc), we taste the wines, and he announces that he loves the young white (100% Airén, unfiltered, unclarified, no added sulphites) and that he’d like to buy 400 bottles (which is all I had left of that type of wine)!

I didn’t have to do anything to get that sale, except for write a blog faithfully and regularly for a year and post comments on other wine-blogs. I wasn't actively looking for an importer or distributor and never put out an advert or announcement or anything. I didn’t even think he was coming to buy from me – ingenious me! – and I arranged for him to visit a ‘real’ organic winery just down the road from me!!!

I realize that 400 bottles is nothing to most wineries, but for me, just starting out, it’s 25% of my production this year!!!

(P.S. He took photos of the winery too!)


  1. Congratulations Fabio. The best way to sell is to show how much care you take to ellaborate your own wine.

  2. Wow - well done!! Love a success story like this!!

  3. Thanks guys, but like I said, I didn't really have to do anything!

  4. Well its a numbers game to get sales and yes social media is another sales avenue. Glad to see it worked for you on your wine sale!


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