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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

My Biggest Ever Shipment of Natural Wine to the USA

Just a quick update on the wine shipment:

These are the wines that I'll be shipping on one (1) pallet (ie 540 bottles). That's 46 bottles more than last year :)

1. 100% Airén 2010 (Normal Fermentation)
2. 100% Airén 2010 (Carbonic Maceration)
3. 100% Airén 2010 (On Skins, ie Orange)
4. 100% Garnacha 2010

Final quantities of each, still to be defined.

A Race Against Time

Today I finished bottling and corking the wines, and they're sitting in the barrel room at 18ºC.

Now I have to wait for the labels, which are still at my designer's (Hola Por Que) to be sent to the printer's tomorrow. I redesigned the back-label slightly and it now includes a QR Code thingy and and AVIN number. This means that you can scan said code with your mobile in the wine shop and you can access information about the wine.

I also have to wait for the cardboard boxes. I called today to see if they were ready; they are, but they also have to be sent to a printer for the logo. If it takes too long, I'll just take the boxes without the logo.

The race against time is that it would be good if my wine got to New York by 14th June, because that's the date of the JosePastorSelection Wine Presentation Event. So, if it takes about 30 days for the boat to cross the Atlantic, plus a few days at either end, that means that my pallet has to leave the bodega by May 10th at the latest. Hmmm, I'll have to beg and plead with my label designer and box manufacturer to beg and plead with their printers to be extra fast, or else it'll look really bad. Especially as my friend and fellow winemaker, Alfredo Maestro, who's also sending a pallet to JosePastorSelections, has already bottled, corked, labelled, boxed AND built his pallet!!!

Photo of Alfred's pallet:

There are no photos in this post because my computer still has a "critical hard disk error", and it hasn't fixed itself nor have I taken it to get fixed, so I can't access any photos or download the photos in my mobile. My wife is recovering slowly from her appendicitis operation, and I've said "No" to at least five interesting wine events that I would have liked to go to: (International London Wine Fair, Natural Wine Fair in London, VinoCamp in Lisbon, a wine tasting in L'Anima del Vi in Barcelona and another one which I can't recall right now!). So life is looking up - only two things to worry about :)


  1. I was wondering, how much it costs the shipment of the wine, you know after all things are done?

  2. Hi Anonymous,
    i'm afraid I don't know, as I sold the wine Ex Bodega, ie the importer dealt with all the transport and logistics.


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