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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Hi-ho, hi-ho, to Fenavin I go

In a few weeks there's a big wine fair here in Spain, called Fenavin , which I believe is the biggest, most serious, and most commercial wine fair held in Spain, and it'll be full of men dressed in suits!

Fenavin Wine Fair
(photo by El Crisol de Ciudad Real)

"What's that got to do with me or with Vinos Ambiz?" I hear you ask, and in fact I'm asking myself the same thing!!!  Well it's too late to back out now (and I've already paid up!) so I'll be going - on Tue 7th, Wed 8th and Thurs 9th May, in Ciudad Real (La Mancha, Spain).

This is the result of a bright idea over lunch one day last year, when a bunch of winemakers decided what
a cool idea it would be to gatecrash a mainstream, commercial winefair!! So one thing led to another and
here we are!  The name of the group we've registered under is "Caballo de Troya" which means Trojan Horse.

There are now 14 of us and we've taken a big empty space where we will offer our wines, each on our own
barrel or table. We've decided to be minimalist, so we haven't hired a stand or anything. This has the advantage of keeping our costs down, and maybe the importers tasting our wines will be able to focus better on them, without being distracted by fancy decorations and hostesses in short skirts! We didn't even want to put down carpet and just use the raw concrete floor, but the organizers informed us that we weren't allowed to do that!

Alfredo Maestro (Bodegas Maestro Tejero) Ribera de Duero
Charlotte Allen (Almaroja) Zamora
Fabio Bartolomei (Vinos Ambiz) Madrid and Gredos
Friedrich Schatz (Bodega Schatz) Ronda
José Miguel Márquez (Marenas) Cordoba
Juan Pascual (Viña Enebro) Murcia
Julian R. Villanueva (Esencia Rural) Toledo
Manuel and Lorenzo Valenzuela (Barranco Oscuro) Granada
Miguel J. Márquez (Dagon) Valencia
Nicolás Marcos (Dominio del Urogallo) Asturias
Rafa López (Sexto Elemento) Valencia
Ramón Saavedra (Cauzón) Granada
Samuel Cano (Patio) CuencaTodd Blomberg (Benito Santos) Galicia

You can find us here:

Pavilion: NOE
Street: 5
Stand: 11

Now I have even more tasks to do! ... bottling up different wines, sticking on labels, printing out info sheets, printing out business cards, looking for somewhere to stay for 2 nights, etc, etc, ...

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  1. Hi Fabio

    There I'll be, I would be mad if I lose it. It must be awesome


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