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Friday, 9 December 2011

Vinos Ambiz Annual Tasting


CSO Casablanca (c/Santa Isabel, 21) (Metro Antón Martín)
Madrid (Spain)

Saturday 10 December 2011, at 19:00 (-ish)

We'll be presenting at least the following wines:

- Airén 2011 (young white), from Carabaña (Madrid)

- Garnacha 2010 (lightly oaked), from San Martín de Valdeiglesias (Madrid)

- And at least two other 'interesting' wines that we we'll bottle up at the last minute!
We'll probably follow the same procedure as last year (and the years before), ie as we taste, and assuming we can get people to shut up and listen for more than 3 minutes, we'll give short speeches on how we grow our grapes and make our wines (eg, organic viticulture, non-use of pesticides and noxious chemicals, no adulteration of the must/wine in the bodega, sustainability, recycling of bottles etc); and we'll be answering any questions that anyone wants to ask.

You just need to turn up; we will provide the wine and the glasses. Entry is free. You can come with whatever attitude you like and you can bring your own cultural baggage in with you - you don't have to leave it at the door! Skeptics and sychophants equally welcome!

Un abrazo, and sláinte

Fabio and Juan

P.S. We're trying to collect photos of previous years' tastings to make a thematic album:

2010: Tabacalera
2009: La Dragona (Ecologistas)
2008: El Patio Maravillas (c/Acuerdo)
2007: CSO Seco
2006: Off-Limits
2005: CSO Seco (antiguo)

If you were at any of these tastings and have photos, please send us a copy!

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